Your Culture

Understanding the gap between your existing culture and the one you desire is powerful. There are many interventions we can suggest which include defining core values, developing behavioural competencies and career mapping and a focus on recruitment, retention and reward.

“We engaged with Amelore to help us with Strategic HR and they have become deeply involved in our recruitment process, management and team development and implementing cultural change within our business. They have been excellent at helping us create a company full of team players who all exhibit the essential traits of being Humble, Hungry and Smart. We highly recommend Ruth and her team. “


‘Goodness of Fit’ – Supporting the M&A Process

M&A activity can be highly successful if a thorough process is adopted. During the acquisition the motivations of the individuals or the ‘goodness of fit’ with the buyer company are not always assessed. This can mean companies lose the very key individuals (producers) that are vital to make the deal a financial and commercial success.

Our service compliments the financial and legal due diligence process and provides the buyer with important information and insight prior to the sale process.  

This service is also relevant for strategic individual hires or team acquisitions (not just high level M&A).

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