Performance optimisation

Managing Employee Performance

Poor performance should be easy to spot, but it’s often left unmanaged, despite it being costly and potentially corrosive. We’ll advise and support you, introducing methods, tools and documentation to deal with sub-par performance quickly, unambiguously and positively.

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Managing Employee Development

If you think traditional staff appraisals are a waste of time and energy we’d agree with you! We’ve seen too many time-consuming and de-motivating appraisal systems that add absolutely nothing to the bottom line, even though legions of HR professionals still slavishly stick to them. 

Amelore’s Unique Performance Management Tools

The way we do business and live our working lives has changed, so we need a performance system to reflect that. We’ve partnered with providers of interactive web-based software which engage people in their own growth and development in a completely new way. These tools will give you an advantage when it comes to attracting, hiring and retaining the best people and securing a competitive edge.

This approach retains the all-important need for reliability, transparency and factual honesty. The onus is placed on the individual to capture their personal and professional goals, aligned to your organisational competencies, values and key business drivers, get 360 degree feedback and identify – and share – milestones for greater accountability and tracking.

These online tools are easy to use and provide robust management information, allowing you to track activity and see an overview in seconds. They pass the corporate governance test and can be branded with your logo if you wish.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

360 degree feedback, whilst an excellent way to gain rounded insight and perspective can be unsettling for many people. We’ll show you how to handle this sensitively, and if you need an extra pair of skilled hands, particularly for senior roles, we can facilitate this for you.

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