HR Operations And Admin

Whilst HR operations and admin must of course be fit for purpose and ensure legal compliance, our mantra is always to keep things as simple as possible, freeing up your time to concentrate on managing your people, not the paperwork.

Our services are tailored: one of the things we enjoy most is helping you shape your brief, so we’re happy to chat at any stage then provide you with the guidance or materials you need.

Employee contracts, terms and conditions, and letter templates

Legally compliant but well-drafted, simple documentation will enable you and your managers to manage situations easily.

Compensation and employee benefits

As businesses grow and others invest in them, they in turn will want to invest in their staff beyond the statutory minimum. This may involve re-considering salary levels and other options for employee benefits to reward and retain staff, such as enhanced sick pay, private medical insurance, a structured bonus scheme, flexible benefits and staff discounts.

We will help establish what’s best for your business, working with your financial professionals in the lead. We are not financial advisors and encourage you to seek expertise in those areas.

Payroll services

A full-service payroll process that will reduce costs and create space for you to focus on your business. Easy set up includes access to software that enables transfer of your payroll to our system of weekly or monthly payslips, management reporting, completion, RTI and auto-enrolment.

HR management software

Our HR software, PeopleLog, stores all employee information saving you time, space and money. It maintains and keeps a record of all your employee absences. Easy to use, requiring no installation, and available 24/7. We provide a complete introduction to PeopleLog including on-site training, and support during normal business hours.

Staff handbooks, HR policies and procedures

Whether producing originals or streamlining what you already have, staff handbooks and newsletters and even policies and procedures can keep people focused and clear.

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