HR Bootcamp

“People and money are the two most important things in any business” so having the right HR support and advice is critical.

We’re highly aware that HR functions can be counter productive or ineffective in helping a business achieve its priorities. This can be the result of conflicting priorities, limited resource or mixed messages. Sometimes the problem is not the HR team but how they are managed.

We put the key business users and the HR team together into Bootcamp to quickly work out the way forward for all. It’s a powerful process that results in an increasingly agile, responsive business and everyone emerges feel engaged and empowered.

“Ruth has clear vision. She energises those working for her to attain the highest standards and to think differently.” Lindsay Eade, Head of HR Operations Environment Agency

We follow this up with mentoring of the HR team and additional training and development where necessary.

The majority of our clients come to us on the recommendation of those who have experienced this. We won’t just give you what you want but also what you need. If we feel you need some confidential personal feedback, are backing something or somebody that isn’t right for you or that you need professional development, we will address it positively.