CEO Whisperer

Our confidential, discrete counsel has supported many influential business leaders at challenging or pivotal times. Drawing on extensive experience, we’re able to be decisive and impartial when it’s most needed.

“It’s great to have someone who understands our business and can provide practical and responsive support to our ever-changing needs.” Holly Tucker, CEO,

Senior level guidance

An independent view may not come from inside your business. We commit to understanding the issues quickly and efficiently then give our objective opinion with honesty, frankness and integrity.

Heavyweight issues

If it’s necessary to move the business forward, we can take care of it. Challenging, issues are handled effectively, sensitively and efficiently, from securing a swift, uncomplicated exit to managing board and investor relations.

Board structure and leadership development

The quality and breadth of your board will significantly impact on your effectiveness and reputation. We’ll deliver impartial, expert advice on structuring, leading and developing your board, including your HR Director, for maximum impact.

Programmes can include facilitation of away days and board meetings, 360 surveys and interviews with feedback on your team, executive recruitment and one-to-one coaching.

Change management

Successful change management that will motivate and engage staff is a core function of leadership. Our support ensures that any changes are planned, executed, positioned and communicated for maximum effectiveness and protection from negative outcomes.

Strategic planning and decisions

Defining the business vision and goals and translating that into a practical action plan with clear objectives and priorities for your teams is an area of real skill. We can equip you to successfully manage and monitor the performance of your leadership team.