Case Study – Employee Relations

The client

Investor/Board member of a Life Sciences business 

The brief

The business was up for sale, but due diligence was hindered by an outstanding ER case. A Sales Director had been dismissed by email without any process and, labelled a ‘bad leaver’, his share options were removed. He had made an employment tribunal claim in multiple jurisdictions. The case had been handled by a UK Employment lawyer who had not succeeded in settling. We were asked to find a rapid solution.

The process

We discovered that relationships had totally broken down and instead of trying to reach out to this employee, aggressive tactics had been deployed. We took time to understand the human angle and negotiated with the board to make an offer and reinstate ‘good leaver’ status.  We got on a plane and spent the afternoon with the employee who just wanted to be listened to and ‘heard’.

The outcome

A modest settlement was agreed, which enabled the business to pass the due diligence process and be sold.

The cost

Day rate plus expenses