Case Study – Employee Relations

The client

High end retailer with a turnover of £20 million and 50 staff

The brief

A manager with 5 years’ service had a breakdown and was sectioned. He’d returned to work, but after exhibiting unusual behaviour, colleagues were concerned about his wellbeing. His manager was very concerned about the duty of care, the impact on morale and the possibility of a disability discrimination claim. We were asked to provide specialist HR support.

The process

We interviewed the employee and found that he was seriously ill, but not accepting of his condition and refusing to take medication. With his permission, we liaised directly with his medical team and medically suspended him. After one concerning incident, we referred him urgently back to his consultant psychiatrist and he was immediately sectioned. The employee raised numerous grievances and launched a local campaign against his employer. Eventually he accepted that he needed a longer time to recover and could not return to work until he was fit to do so.

The outcome

We sensitively negotiated a settlement and additional support, enabling him to move on. The client retained us for HR and Payroll services.