Case Study – HR Operations & Helpdesk

The client

Financial services with a turnover of £125million and 650 staff

The brief

The company had grown organically, and by the time they’d got 80 staff, they realised that they needed to overhaul all their HR processes, systems and documentation ready for the next phase of expansion.

The process

We carried out an HR audit and reviewed all documentation, including contract and offer process. We mapped and overhauled HR processes and HR administration, together with implementation of updated HR software. We did all of this at lightning speed and completed the transformation in two months.

The outcome

All HR services were subsequently delivered via our HR helpdesk, with a full daily system update. The client grew rapidly and decided to bring HR in-house when they got to 250 employees. Continued success means that they now have 650 employees, and they’re still using our HR software & related support services.