Working with Long Covid

Working with Long Covid

Ruth was honoured to be recently invited to join BBC Radio 4’s MoneyBox discussing Long Covid as an HR expert.

You can listen to the episode here:

The key takeaways were:

Long Covid is likely to be recognised as a disability in employment law but that won’t be anytime soon. Because we still don’t know enough about the long term effects and whether people will recover.

It is already recognised as a disability when applying for benefits.

Employers are advised to treat anyone presenting with Long Covid, as if they have a legally recognised disability and make reasonable adjustments.

If someone has a legally recognised disability it does not prevent an employer terminating their employment fairly. 

Some employees with Long Covid may be able to retire on ill health grounds and some may not – rules of scheme apply.

Employers and employees are encouraged to redesign roles and look at ways to access more people by allowing them to work in non traditional ways. Piece meal, monthly, etc

Individuals impacted by Long Covid may be inspired by the final caller with ME/chronic fatigue who created a well paid role she could do from her bed. I myself redesigned my business model when I was diagnosed with cancer in Yr 2 and was the only adult in my household working.

Employers and self employed are encouraged to look into Income protection schemes to protect them if other benefits don’t. Insure your biggest asset – you.


Covid arrived rudely and unannounced into all our lives and is here to stay. As businesses, as individuals we have to accept this huge change and adapt. Big opportunities for those that do.

What do you think? Will Long Covid have a big impact on the workforce?