The Gift That Keeps on Giving

As a family, we normally send out over 125 Christmas cards. Often we make them but if we don’t we buy charity Christmas cards. And often we end up sending them first class because we leave it so late.

A few on the Christmas card list we haven’t seen for years. Or thought about beyond the annual card. And many we have seen quite regularly or are in contact with daily on social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Linked in.

Hard copy Christmas cards are a lovely part of Christmas but it’s hardly any time before they are in the recycling bin. Lots of effort for little gain.

So this year we decided to do something different with our Christmas card budget. As a family we are going to invest the money we would have spent into something that created improvements and positive change for people.

The charity Lend with Care links people like us with entrepreneurs in developing countries. You invest an amount and eventually that money is paid back to you and then you help other people.

Here are a few of the 70 profiles available of entrepreneurs that want some help. We can’t wait to each choose someone to invest in.

Amelia Bartido

Amelia Bartido of the Philipines wants a loan to restock her store and buy necessary ingredients she needs for her cooking.

Amelia needs £259.66, will you help her reach her target?


Sok Heang Kang

Sok Heang wants a loan to buy a new walking tractor to plough the land. Her old tractor does not work well.

Sok Heang needs £1,926.87, will you help her reach her target?