What’s your major motivation?

Motivation in practise – tips for the 21st century…

Thoughts from our French correspondent. Over to you Karen…

wine and sunIt’s been a busy few weeks getting ready for our first customers with a few ‘challenges’ thrown in to make life interesting. Having found myself cold, wet and very dirty late one afternoon, I questioned what it was that was keeping me motivated to carry on. I also spoke to colleagues to get their views on what motivated them (wine is a great motivator by the way…).

Motivating your staff is a key thing a manager needs to do – many books have been written on the subject and theories abound (Maslow’s hierarchy anyone?). However, I’d like to suggest that the things that have kept me and my colleagues motivated in trying times are actually quite straight forward…

  • The basics – something decent to eat and drink (with alcohol often featuring), somewhere warm to sleep / stay, somewhere to wash, clean clothes to wear, a working mobile phone (with credit / reception) and internet access. Interesting to note about connectivity (mobile phone or internet) is high up on the list now but obviously wasn’t a factor in Maslow’s day.
  • Enjoying what you do. My colleagues and I are doing our jobs because we really like them and want to make a go of them. It means that we willingly go the extra mile without being asked and often forget that we are actually working well over the French normal working week of 35 hours.
  • Being appreciated for what you do / have done. This can be as simple as a ‘thank you’, which goes a surprisingly long way.
  • Knowing that your manager supports you and appreciates your efforts. Thanks especially to my Area Manager who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for us and even cleaned our accommodation for the first night so we didn’t have to do it after a 7 hour drive!
  • Yes, despite recent research saying that the weather does not affect people’s mood or levels of depression, I disagree. The world is a better place when the sun shines.

So – I’m off to do my laundry, buy something tasty for dinner tonight and then it’s time for an aperitif in the sun while catching up on my emails.

A bientot.