Bad HR Communications Damage Credibility and Impact

At Amelore we do quite a bit of work re-positioning the HR function within a business where it has lost focus.  A critical area is around communications where HR can lapse into jargon or use clichéd business-speak that most people find uncomfortable. Often people tell us that they just don’t understand what the HR department is saying to them.

I was in the City the other day and the Senior Executive I was talking to couldn’t remember the job title of the Senior HR lead as it had just changed. People Director was the answer and whilst I understand the desire to rebrand HR (another blog post) I think every time we change things, we damage our credibility. The FD is the FD is the FD.

A friend of mine contacted me to share a gem received from their HR department which she felt was a example of HR communications at its worst. I agree
“The HR organisation continues it’s change journey as we transition to our new Target Operating Model in 2015, looking to the future and the impact the Enabling Program will have on the HR structure and new ways of working for everyone.”
And HR said to me…
Really!!!! And what does that actually mean to anyone? And is what they are proposing what the business actually wants or needs? I doubt it very much.
Here is what I would say:

“The HR department has reviewed how it works so it can operate more efficiently and reduce costs and headcount.  In 2015 we will move to a new structure and way of working with the business.”

Think of our golden two page rule re a CV.  HR communications need to be a lot shorter and snappier. We should look to our marketeer colleagues who know how to communicate quickly with consumers. If they wrote like the HR department no one would ever sell anything. 

Look at the brilliant strapline of the current advertising campaigns for “How to live a life less ordinary”.  Says it all really. Buy our products and make your life and you more interesting. We get it.

But imagine if the HR department had been in charge. They may have said something like this: “If you wish to look to the future and transition to a new way of living, to enable you and your family to operate more efficiently with greater well-being and contentment please look at the list of our products and register your interest.”

Enough said?

On our HR Bootmap programme we go into some detail on HR communications because it is so important. And we throw lots of current HR speak and jargon on the good old Amelore Bonfire.

If you would like more information about HR Bootcamp, please get in touch with us.